Lost Out On The Floor (Winter Tour 2017 Only Single) 

Released in November 2017 | Catalogue number: ATFC004 (limited to 1000 download cards)


This song was made available at the November / December 2017 tour. 
It is currently not available online or in physical format.

This is what SB had to say: 

"Myself, Paul and Rob (the band) were buzzing after our tour this summer. We all agreed we'd like to do it again. As the tour went on (it was only a week) we added more and more danceable numbers. The joy of seeing people shaking their thing was infectious. For this tour (dates below) we've re-jigged a couple of older numbers from the back catalogue. This band are a tight unit so the more people can get their groove on the better. This is is the season to be jolly after all.

We also set about the challenge to write the best disco number this side of Boogie Nights. Now I'm not normally one to gloat but I genuinely think we achieved it. 
It's possibly the best song we've ever recorded. It's also the newest!

So, and yes this is partly for marketing purposes, the apprentice is on, but 

The first time you'll get to hear this song (in full) is live on tour. The only place you will be able to own this song is on tour*. We're be taking it back pre 2008 and the spotify revolution with a download code made available on the merch stall, a perfect stocking filler for friend and family and a surefire way to get it straight to the top of the charts. 

The song is called Lost Out on The Floor.

*It is also available as part of The Vending Machine project. A joint venture between Amazing Tapes From Canton and Charcutier Ltd. You can read all about the project here but in its simplest form: you get a free song every time you buy a sausage. 

I'm also not promising I will never release it in the future. "