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Are proud to present

"The Vending Machine Project"
by Sweet Baboo



If you've already reached this page I'm guessing you've a good idea why you are here already but just in case I'll explain below: 

“Illtud and Liesel from Charcutier Ltd asked me a while ago if I’d like to be involved in a project they were doing. We at household Baboo eat their sausages all the time and so I was keen to know more.

Charcutier Ltd have put a massive vending machine full of farm produce in Castle Emporium on Womanby Street in Cardif. It’s full of not just their products but cheese, butter, honey and more.

Initially I wasn’t sure what to think but then Illtud and Liesel explained their logic behind it:

Its key function is to be an alternative way to buy food. Customers buy directly with the manufacturer as opposed to shopping at large supermarket chains. You can get high quality, ethical produce any time of day.

Ok I thought, I’d been having similar conversations with my family (my grandad was a butcher coincidentally). We’d talked about shopping local, becoming more aware of where our food came from and...

Illtud said he was a fan of Looper and I thought if this man knows his late 90s indie and he gave me a free sausage once in a while then I’d like to be involved.

Illtud and Liesel have commissioned artists and designers before for various projects but never a musician. They said they wanted a song. 

I imaged the vending machine as a giant jukebox. I thought they wanted something that played every time someone bought a product. How annoying I thought. They didn’t want that though and so between us be hatched a (loose) plan to do some kind of low budget DIY reward card like you get in coffee shops.

There are 6 pieces of music to collect (limited to 100 of each), an EP if you like, in comestible form.

The Barnyard Rhumba, Pannage / Panic, Lost Out on the Floor, Early Riser, Down the Afon Gwendraeth and The Acorn Drop. 

The ep wa originally going to be called ‘The Charcuterie Sessions’ then ‘The Sausage Suite’, but I opted for ‘The Vending Machine Project’ in the end.

There’s a range of different songs to collect, from a poppy number ‘The Acorn Drop’, to an ambient drone called ‘Down the Afon Gwendraeth’.

I hope there is something for everybody.

You can only get the songs when you buy a product from the vending machine. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the card that comes with the product, pop in the download code and a song will be yours.

If for whatever reason you keep getting the same download code, let me know ( and I’ll swap it (Panini style) for another one, or just give it to a friend. 

1 song per purchase. 

I hope this makes some sense.

I’m over the moon that Illtud and Liesel asked me to be involved in this project. They are intelligent, kind and really interesting people who I now consider friends. I feel like I learn something new every time I sit down and speak to them. I’ve also really enjoyed making music that is not for commercial sale, just a happy bi-product of an exciting, practical, clever idea.

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