The Boombox Ballads

Released on 14 August 2015 on Moshi Moshi Records

Catalogue number: MOSHILP66/MOSHICD66/ATFC003

On The Boombox Ballads, Sweet Baboo wanted to explore more what it was to be a ‘singer’ as opposed to a ‘singer songwriter’, a term - that to him at least - seems to have picked up some negative connotations in recent years. With that in mind, there was a tentative channeling of Harry Nilsson and latter day Scott Walker in both his songwriting and by working with an arranger (Paul Jones) for the first time who helped him paint the most vivid accompaniments possible. 

TRACKLISTING: 1) Sometimes 2) Got To Hang On To You 3) You Are Gentle 4) Two Lucky Magpies 5) The Boombox Ballad 6) You Got Me Time Keeping 7) Walking In The Rain 8) I Just Want To Be Good 9) Tonight You Are A Tiger 10) Over & Out


Released in May 2015 on Amazing Tapes from Canton | Catalogue number: ATFC001 (limited to 50 copies)

First ever release on Amazing Tapes from Canton. First single taken from the album, The Boombox Ballads. Also includes a cover of the H. Hawkline classic, Black Domino Box. Released to coincide with The Boombox Ballads album showcase at the London Fields Brewery on 21st May 2015. 

TRACKLISTING: 1) Sometimes 2) Black Domino Box