The Mighty Baboo

Released in September 2008 on Businessman Records


Released on the Businessman Records label. SB’s first long player is long sold out physicaly. Download still available.

SB's first long player after three self-released EPs, The Mighty Baboo took a step away from the band set-up of his early shows to reflect the idiosyncratic, funny and occasionally rambling solo performances he'd become known for. The songs are pared-back and folky, with an intimate home (and church)-recorded feel, immediate and charming. It's part exaggerated autobiographical yarn, part dressing-up box storytelling, with a puffed-chest charm made all the more endearing by the self-effacing fragility that's never far from the surface.  'Tom Waits Rip Off' is the centrepiece, one which endures in Sweet Baboo sets to this day, and every creak and wheeze of its recorded version still holds the attention. Taken as just a part of the album, though, it's merely another scuffed diamond; one among many fine songs about mortality, homicide and a career in songwriting from a pretty good singer.

Keith Lerego - Businessman Records, August 2015

TRACKLISTING: 1) Reccaping All My Other Songs 2) Good Lord The Sun (Good Lord The Sun) Is Gonna Smile On Me 3) Putting Things In Boxes And Places 4) You're Too Close To My Hip Bone 5) The Ballad Of Mr. Mario 6) Emotionally Alone (Close To Me) 7) Tom Waits Rip Off 8) My New Found Love Of Recorders 9) Jonathan Richman 10) You Can Turn A Smile Right Back Into A Smile 11) Wolfie 93