The Marc Riley BBC SessionS (vinyl)

Released in July 2014 on Moshi Moshi Records | Catalogue number: MOSHI186 (limited to 300 copies)

"Why would you object if I wanna change my name to something beginning with Sam, And would someone lend me an amp, I've got a couple of gigs coming up real soon and I'm a good soul, And I've never shot a man and all I've ever really wanted is to front my own special band, And I often shoot my mouth, shoot my load on an unsuspecting crowd but I'm a good soul.

Please don't let me die Lord, I will try harder, And I'll do my best to impress, Cause I'm a good soul, And I know sometimes it don't show, And I don't win at fights which I guess is something to be proud of.

And I like chicken and feed and, like my song goes, I've got a lot of love to give but it comes out at wrong angles, And Bruce Campbell was a man, with a chainsaw for a hand and he killed the undead but was bad and I wish that was me, And I could name check if you like but it ain't my style, ain't the cut of my jibe, I just want to be better than good, And you should start your slow handclap, as I start my long jump attack I am stealth, Keith is snipes and I'm a good soul."

These were the first words I heard Steve Black fire in anger; Sweet Baboo’s debut session from the 10th April 2008. At 7 o’clock, I introduced the programme, then Baboo and off he trundled into a performance that was both gripping and fabulously understated. A solo performance from an outwardly timid character who obviously possessed not only a great musical talent but also an acerbic wit. If I remember rightly, I asked Steve for his autograph (on air) as soon as the song was complete.  

Tom Waits Rip Off is probably the third most played song on all of my 6 Music shows over the past ten years. Is it mere coincidence then that No.1 (Euros Childs - Shithaussen) and No.2 (Euros Childs - Spin That Girl Around) both also feature the deft touch of the Welshman? Probably...

I’d like to be able to deliver here some awe-inspiring tale of ‘discovering’ this unique off-kilter talent. I’d love to be able to take credit for introducing the diminutive Sweet Baboo to the (at that time) diminutive 6 Music audience, having found him plying his trade to two men and a dog in a seedy backroom of a pub in Mold. The truth of the matter is his mate Rob Jones recommended Baboo when he came in for a session of his own as Voluntary Butler Scheme. I listened to Wolfie 93 on MySpace and booked him straight away. That was ten Sweet Baboo sessions ago.

When my 6 Music Decade Anniversary presented itself in the April of 2014, I needed to think of an appropriate way of celebrating the ‘event’. The first person I asked to play for us was Steve Baboo...he said yes. Appropriately, the last song heard on the programme that evening (and the last song on this album) was Steve, Rob and Avon Chambers performing a less than menacing version of Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back In Town. 

Sandwiched here in-between Tom Waits Rip Off and The Boys Are Back In Town are another ten fabulous tunes about Love, Sex, Death, God and Bumble Bees, all culled from the ten solo sessions Sweet Baboo has performed in the same room as me since the April of 2008. And, well, the pleasure, the privilege is mine...

Marc Riley - BBC Radio 6 Music, May 2014

TRACKLISTING: 1) Tom Waits Rip Off 2) How I’d Live My Life A.K.A The Bumblebee Song 3) If I’m Still In Love When I Get Back Home From Travelling (America) 4) Darlin’ If You Think My Songs Are Fun Then Darlin’ You Are Wrong 5) Two Moles 6) If I Died Would You Remember 7) The Day I Lost My Voice 8) Bounce 9) Let’s Go Swimming Wild 10) The Morse Code For Love Is Beep Beep, Beep Beep, The Binary Code Is One One 11) Motorhome 12) The Boys Are Back In Town


Released in November 2014 on Moshi Moshi Records | Catalogue number: MOSHI186J


A re-release of the sold out vinyl with added bonus tracks taken from a Huw Stephens session for BBC Radio 1. The design was inspired by Japanese import CDs of the 1990s. 

Originally only available to buy at gigs, you can now buy the CD from this website as well.  

EXTRA TRACKS: 1) I'm a Dancer 2) If I Died Would Huw Remember? 3) Two Moles 4) Keep the Customer Satisfied