I'm a Dancer/Songs About Sleepin'

Released in September 2010 by Shape Records | Catalogue number: SHAPE011


SB's third album - songs of lost love, girls, drinking and sleeping - was recorded at his home in North Wales with the help of a talented group of musicians. Rob Jones (Voluntary Butler Scheme) co-produced and the band included musicians such as Avvon Chambers, Alex Williams (Islet/Fredrick Stanley Star) and his brother, David Black. 

The album was nominated for the 2010/11 Welsh Music Prize. 

I'm a Dancer/Songs About Sleepin' was originally released in 2010 as a limited run of 300 12” vinyl. The vinyl has sold out but it is still available digitally and as part of the double disc Shape Records reissue along with the Girl Under a Tree EP.

TRACKLISTING: 1) I'm a Dancer 2) Y'r Lungs 3) To The Sea 4) Wish I Was Made Out Of Steel 5) I'm a Dancer 6) Who Would Have Thought... 7) Three Thumbs 8) Baby Let Me Let You Sleep 9) Two Moles 10) If I Died Would You Remember That You Loved Me