Hello Wave

Released in July 2009 on Businessman Records


Physical copies of SB's second album are sold out. Digital copies can still be bought.

Baboo albums often capture a uniform spirit, and none more so than the second release for Businessman Records. With a campfire feel, the songs are relaxed and low-key on initial listens but deceptively complex; 'Let's Go To Town' comprises several movements, ending in a whooping, hollering crescendo, 'Little Bernadette' turns on sparkling melodies and charming group vocals and 'Hello Bullfrog, Hello Wave' is a slow-building epic of typical wit and heart-tugging reflection. While the songs centre on a homespun blend of acoustic guitar, double bass and mandolin, the album layers traditional folk and country influences alongside beautifully intricate, warm arrangements and fuzzy keyboard drones. A unique, personal and very Sweet Baboo take on traditional forms.  A companion set of videos for the album, filmed by Ryan Owen Eddleston, captures the homespun mood perfectly, a blast of bracing Welsh country air, bonfire smoke and sea spray.

Keith Lerego - Businessman Records, August 2015

TRACKLISTING: 1) If I'm Still In Love When I Get Back Home From Travelling (America) 2) How I'd Live My Life Aka The Bumblebee Song 3) It's Three, Let's Go 4) Let's Go To Town 5) Weak As In Good 6) Little Bernadette 7) Hello Bullfrog, Hello Wave 8) In The Night Sky (I Hear Him Calling Me) 9) Darlin' If You Think My Songs Are Fun Then Darlin' You Are Wrong 10) Tim's Song