New Ep and February Tour

The Christmas song will also be included as part of a new ep, called Dennis, which will be released in February next year. I know, releasing a Christmas song in February is a strange thing to do, but it's a strange collection of songs which are like a scruffy little brother to The Boombox Ballads. I'm glad the songs are seeing the light of day. It includes live staples 'We used to Call him Dennis' and 'Do the Buzzard'. 

If you click on the artwork you can read more about the ep. 

You can pre-order the vinyl here

To celebrate we are going on tour in February. Go to the gigs page for more details.

Amazing Tapes From Canton

We at camp SB have started a label called 'Amazing Tapes from Canton. So far we have released The Boombox Ballads (Cassette Edition) and an amazing album by New Zealand born, New York resident, and Sweet Baboo collaborator, the beautiful, Daniel Ward who records and plays music under the name Droor. 

You can buy both albums here

The label was set up as an (occasional) labour of love to release things we like. There will be a couple more releases planned for 2016 I hope, maybe not all on tape. 

Click on the image to go to the ATFC page.